Puma 3000 AFV

The Puma 3000 is Italy's premier lightly armored transport export. A design that has withstood the test of time, featuring many prominent upgrades since the series initial introduction in the 21st century. The 3000 series most notable upgrade was the replacement of it's 4 all terrain, run flat tires with the worlds first employment of super-conducting magnetic cell, repulson technology. Though this technology is a common sight in many weapon systems across the globe today, it's introduction was a first for large scale production in military vehicles.

It features a robust and successful track record across multiple theaters, and proved pivotal in the success of Italian special forces operations across Northern Africa during the Joint Italian-Libyan anti-insurgency campaigns of the mid-21st century.

It features an array of counter measures including APS, Smoke and limited Electronic Jamming capabilities. It's load out is modular and can easily be replaced depending on mission requirements. It can hold 5 troops, and boasts a blistering top speed of 144 km/h on smooth elevations.