Rheinmetall "Flügelwolf" Dk 12.500 Combat Patrol Drone

Rheinmetall's newest addition to the Bundeswehr armory - the DK 12.500 Flügelwolf is an autonomous combat and reconnaissance drone that boasts a suite of sophisticated sensors and a versatile modular weapon system. It is capable of carrying a 20mm chin mounted, under-slung auto-cannon and upwards of 8 PARS 5 LR Anti-Tank missiles.

It's enhanced mobility features allow it to land and "stalk" targets on the ground, allowing the Dk 12.500 to operate among target positions that might otherwise be obscured from the air.

It is a common feature around German military bases. A constant and relentlessly vigilant eyes and ears patrolling facility perimeters.

It was utilized very successfully during the Great French Crises - where hundreds of squads, or "Wolf Packs" of up to 5 DK 12.500's were able to smash Neo-Bolshevik insurgent positions.