Project Broad Fable

HI Res:

This is an ongoing little project I've been messing with off and on over the last month or so.

British intelligence service (MI6) commissioned a low altitude penetration vehicle to offer nuclear first strike capabilities against their adversaries. It has the ability for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), allowing the bomber to be deployed in secret underground facilities around the globe, without the need for elaborate, obvious landing strips. It sports stealth technology and can fly at hypersonic speeds. It fields a crew of 4 and is armed with 6 12kt nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

It's objective is to fly below the radar of enemy nations, deploy its nuclear payload and return if possible. Targeting command and government staff in the hopes of mitigating or eliminating a response in the event of a first strike nuclear attack.

Samuel aaron whitehex glider concept 03
Samuel aaron whitehex lift closeup

A close up one of the forward, nose housed vertical lift strips

VTOL Strip deployment

Samuel aaron whitehex maintenance render 01
Samuel aaron whitehex 28
Samuel aaron whitehex 27
Samuel aaron whitehex 11
Samuel aaron whitehex internals render front 01

Interior Components 1

Samuel aaron whitehex internals render rear 01

Interior Components 2