LAAD-7 Land Air Area Denial System

The LAAD-7 Land Air Area Denial System is the 2nd generation self propelled mobile defense system designed by the South African arms consortium Panserkern Defense.

Entirely automated, the system is designed to "Hurry up and wait". Maneuvering into a desired position it will remain in a low emission profile awaiting targets to enter it's defense region where it will activate and engage, prohibiting enemy transit over land or air. Its advanced RTG powerplant can provide passive power for up to 4 years or active power for 5 days. It's advanced hexapedal platform allows it to traverse over extremely inhospitable terrain.

During the 2nd Lesotho Dispute, the LAAD-7 was instrumental in defending South Africa's norther territories from incursion. One LAAD-7, which had stealthily placed itself near an advanced forward operating contingent of Namibian forces, was able to eliminate an entire column of relief forces before it was neutralized.

4 x 30mm
4 x Umkhonto Missiles